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Tips to Choose the Right Yoga Teacher Training


Yoga has been an inseparable part of Indian culture and tradition at least 3.000 years. It is an ancient practice to keep mind and body healthy. Initially, it was mostly limited to India but over a period of time, it became popular in many other countries as well. It has been widely practiced in western countries as a primary method of exercise. Continue reading Tips to Choose the Right Yoga Teacher Training

Choosing YTT in India

You probably have practiced yoga for a couple of years or even not, but, somehow, decided to either go for an intensive to deepen your practice or to properly receive tools so you can become a teacher. Maybe even you just want to take some time out of your ordinary world and practice. Whatever it is, Yoga Teacher Trainings are a trend nowadays and we are here to make it clear for you so you can choose properly. Take a few breaths because it might be a lot of information, but still come with us. Continue reading Choosing YTT in India