Yogaㅡ A Road to Self-consciousness


Yoga is often miscomprehended as a vigorous process that includes a lot of twisting and turning of the body (as if we are made of rubber) or doing a headstand, if we got too elaborate. But Yoga is not just that. It means union of the conscious mind and an uplifted physical body.

Yoga as the Road to Oneness

Even modern day science has supported the fact that everything is mere energy. But have you ever wondered why we don’t experience it the same way? Well , it’s not as easy as it seems. Yoga is a very difficult disciplinary practice. It involves techniques that help unfold the sub-conscious mind. This way, the mental illusions that have always bothered us start drifting away. After all, a peaceful and positive mindset adds on to the overall well- being of the human body and soul, thereby depicting a peaceful lifestyle. That’s the true essence of Yoga.

Yoga: The key to the doors of perception

The human mind is very dynamic, especially when it comes to being focussed on one thought. The mind is already pre-occupied with the past and future such that the present goes neglected. This way, all sorts of discrepancies start to bother the human mind, which further leads to physical breakdown.  If you can counter the inner demons and “maya” , you might as well start experiencing the true value of oneness, that is Yoga.


Almost all the religions of the world have often tried to brief that God is everywhere. Whether you say God is all around or everything is one energy, it is the same reality. When theories and postulates step in, we call it Science. When belief is the only scope, we call it Religion. When you discover a technique to reach that state of trance, we call it Yoga. So what is yoga, and what is not yoga? There is no such thing. There is no explanation. It’s all self-realization and inner awakening.

In order to set the sail on the right path towards experiencing yoga, i.e. a state of union and boundlessness, we try to regulate the energy flow and move this flesh and bone vessel of ours in certain characteristic manner. Physical postures are just one part of this transformational process.

Understanding the mechanics of the human body, developing an adequate atmosphere and then making use of the body or body postures to channel your energy in specific direction is what yoga asanas are all about. There are various types of asanas and there is a tendency that every asana might be associated with different postures and stances. So in this manner, endless asanas can be conceived.

A brief understanding of Hatha Yoga

The term Hatha can be divided into  -“Ha” meaning Sun, “ta” meaning Moon.

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Hatha is a yoga that will bring harmony between the sun and the moon in you, especially through breath management combined with the body postures and other techniques.

You can learn Hatha yoga in ways that take you past your own limitations, thereby curing the body and stabilizing the emotions.However, fundamentally, it is a physical, emotional and mental well being technique that prepares the body for a higher experience of consciousness.

Yoga can be summed up as Observation, Inculcation, Enhancement and Enlightenment.

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