Tips to Choose the Right Yoga Teacher Training


Yoga has been an inseparable part of Indian culture and tradition at least 3.000 years. It is an ancient practice to keep mind and body healthy. Initially, it was mostly limited to India but over a period of time, it became popular in many other countries as well. It has been widely practiced in western countries as a primary method of exercise. Recently, on the 21st June, we had even celebrated a“World Yoga Day” as per the declaration of United Nations.

Since India is the birth place  of Yoga and people from other countries come here to learn it, thousands of Yoga centers and schools havemushroomed in every city and state. These Yoga retreats range from a luxuryhotel to a religious gathering. They offer various kinds of courses on Yoga.

Tourists who come to India to learn yoga have a wide variety of options. They can join an institute, school, traditional Yoga ashram or hire a Yoga teacher to learn at home. Learning Yoga is not an easy task, it does take years of intense practice, dedication and hopefully, good teachers.

Yoga Teacher Training

Many people have a good knowledge of Yoga and they further want to enhance it tobecome a Yoga Teacher. Keeping in mind the huge popularity of Yoga across the world, Yoga teacher seems now a   fruitful career . There is a growing demand of Yoga teachers in the world. Teaching is a noble and respected profession and teaching Yoga is a lot about helping people in improving their health, their lifestyle and of course, being happy.

So if you are passionate about Yoga, go ahead and select a form of Yoga you want to master. There are many such as Hatha, Ashtanga, Iyengar etc. India has an abundance of resources to help you in achieving your goal. But you have to make a right choice for best results.

How to choose the Yoga Teacher Training

You need to do research and find out India’s best Yoga School for Yoga Teacher Training. However, online advice and reviews are not much reliable due to heavy marketing and promotion that institutes turn to. You do not need to physically visit the schools but you do need to check the course curriculum, the course structure, the profile of the yoga teacher etc. Ask questions to gather extra information directly from the school and check out students real testimonials to clear your doubts. Never choose an institute only due to an attractive website or advertisement.

Make a complete inquiry about the program and the faculty to ensure that you are going to learn properly the fundamentals of Yoga from knowledge and experienced people Faculty is more important thanthe institute itself. So before choosing Yoga teacher consider following things…

Yoga Alliance Certification

Yoga alliance is the controlling body of Yoga the industry. It set up rules and regulation for Yoga institutes and also provides a certificate to those institutes who fulfills their criteria. In order to help people to find genuine Yoga Teacher, Yoga Alliance publishes a list of teachers who are registered and meet its requirements. So Choose a Yoga Alliance certified teacher but also check out the program and what students talk about the faculty.

Career path

Yoga has become a big business and most of Yoga centers claim to provide job or help in placementafter the completion of the course. Find out what is the business model of your Yoga school and how it will help you in the career. However, it is important to check if the school is only business-driven. Yoga Teacher Training Courses are not a wholesale business and it is best taken in small groups for better learning.

The cost of the course

Cost of various Yoga courses differs as per Yoga schools. A high-quality Yoga training might be high in cost, but it will lay a solid foundation for a career. .Look for competitive prices and discounts but never go for a low-cost training only due to price. Learning Yoga takes more than one teacher, takes a dedicated team as well as structure. So be sure to find the best price but also great schools.

Yoga helps you in realizing your true potential. It enables your to perform you duties in a better way and lead a healthy and happy life… And teaching Yoga helps you to not let go of all that.