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Yoga Teacher Training Course 200 hours – Hatha Yoga & Ashtanga

Our Dates

Yoga Teacher Training Course
200 Hour Multi-Style
16 Oct – 13 Nov 2016 Bookings Open
17 Nov – 15 Dec 2016 Bookings Open
11 Jan – 08 Feb 2017 Bookings Open
11 Feb – 11 March 2017 Bookings Open
13 March – 10 April 2017 Bookings Open
13 April – 11 May 2017 Bookings Open
palm tree resort location yoga teacher training goa

Location:  Palm Tree Ayurvedic (Patnem Beach, South Goa,  India– 1h30 from Goa International Airport)

The south of Goa is well-known to be the most beautiful and serene part of the state. Backed by coconut plantations and green hills, without doubt it’s the home of the finest beaches. This season Turiya Yoga is more than happy to be offering their 200-Hour YTTC in a beautiful Ayurvedic resort which can be found near one of South Goa’s most peaceful and unspoilt seaside locations, cosy Patnem Beach.

yoga hall for yoga teacher training in palm tree resort

This beautifully located Ayurvedic resort nestles between coconut trees only a 3 minute walk from the beach. This is where we enjoy the calming sounds of the waves and the sea-breeze as it dances through the palm trees. It has a large and comfortable yoga hall and also offers Ayurvedic treatments, soothing massages and delicious vegetarian yogic meals

ayurveda treatment palmtree goa
ayurveda massage space palm tree

Program: 200-hour YTTC

quiet patnem beach on the afternoon

Our Yoga Teacher Training India 200-hour program is certified by Yoga Alliance. The training is designed to offer a strong foundation in Hatha Yoga and Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga. Our vision is to turn sincere yoga practitioners into teachers who exude safety, integrity, self-confidence & joy. This certification is respected worldwide and, in order to earn it, you will be assessed and evaluated throughout your whole stay with us. Once you have graduated you can start teaching either in your home country or wherever you decide to travel. The certificate is accepted internationally.

about course 2 after RYT200 Details
*Pictures from former Yoga Hall

Wherever you come from, our unique 200 hour program and the time you spend with us will move you deeply. Your daily routine will start early with a yoga practice - kriyas, asanas, pranayama, meditation - surrounded by nature and silence. After quieting the body first, we can then quiet our minds. After a delicious breakfast which enjoys all the gifts of tropical India, you’ll attend academic and technique classes. These are taught by professional and real yoga practitioners, that is to say people who maintain their yoga practice both on and off their mat. At the end of the day we finish with an asana, pranayama and meditation practice.

In general our practices adhere to Ashtanga Vinyasa (Primary Series), Ashtanga Vinyasa-based flowing styles, Traditional Hatha Yoga and Modern Hatha Yoga (which uses props). We find that our Modern Hatha Yoga classes help to balance the energy of these different dynamic styles while also focusing and deepening the students’ experience of the individual asanas. Only a few asanas per class are worked on and we use a great variety of props for helping the student to spend more time in each posture in a comfortable way. These Modern Hatha Yoga sessions help our students recover from all the learning and natural cleansing that takes place during an intensive course like this. The students also cultivate a deeper experience of the categories of body postures and different alignments. The props we use in these classes include ropes, belts, cushions, chairs and so on.

about course 2 after RYT200 Details
*Pictures from former Yoga Hall

Maximum Batch: Under new policy, we welcome only 25 students – So we can really give proper attention to everyone.


Example of Daily Schedule

Monday to Friday

7:00 - 9:00 Kriya, Asana, Pranayama, Meditation
9:00 - 10:00 Breakfast
10:00 - 11:30 Philosophy  or Anatomy Theroy
11:30 - 13:00 Practical Anatomy or Philosophy
13h00 - 14:30 Lunch (Vegetarian)
14:30 - 16:00 Teaching Methodology or Adjustment
16:15 - 18:00 Yoga Asana & Special Techniques
18h00- 18:30 Pranayama and/or Meditation
19:30 - 20h30 Dinner (Vegetarian)


7:00 - 8:40 Asana and / or pranayama
8:40 - 9:00 Meditation

* As all in life, schedules can also have some alteration. For example, we might need to have classes till Lunch time on couple of Saturdays. It depends on each group.

asana new yoga hall palm tree goa

In practical terms, you will learn:

  • You will come to know the yoga asanas / postures and also their health benefits. It is impossible to say that you will learn ALL the asanas since there can be hundreds or only 12 depending on the individual style of yoga practice. You will learn basic to intermediate postures and their applications. For your self-practice, if appropriate, you will also learn what some people refer to as advanced postures.
  • You will understand the fundamentals of therapeutic aspects of a yogic practice.
  • You will learn about yoga philosophy and yoga in history.  Some say of course that it takes a lifetime to really know it, but you’ll at least be able to learn the most important aspects. You will also be able to let go of some myths about these subjects by learning proper concepts and about the cultural background.
  • You will come to know the fundamentals of anatomy and physiology, including the various major body systems such as skeletal and muscular, cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive, nervous and endocrine systems, as well as how each of them is affected by the practice. Studying the practical sides of yoga helps you to improve your own self-practice as well as your future classes since you’ll be familiar with the main health benefits and contraindications.
  • You will experience for yourself yogic cleansing techniques (kriyas)
  • You will learn different techniques of breath-control and breathing (pranayama) as well as understand its health benefits & effects.
  • You will learn the fundamentals of a yogic life & yogic diet, being able to distinguish these from Ayurvedic, vegetarian and vegan diets.
  • You will study different teaching techniques such as alignment, sequencing and adjustments. You will be ableto teach and assist in more than one class during the course besides watching the leading teachers. This ensures that you can truly grasp which tools a teacher carries with himself or herself in every yoga class.
  • You will come to know the ethics that are involved in being a yoga teacher as well as different ways to relate to your students.
  • You will also have the opportunity to apply for Turiya Yoga’s internships: either a month, 3 months or a whole Goa season with us.  You will have a great time experiencing teaching, assisting and learning some aspects of running a studio. Last but not least, you’ll keep deepening your own practice. Yes, you always need to continue your own self-practice even when you are teaching!
shoulder stand practice previous yoga teacher training india

Maximum Batch : Under new policy, we welcome only 25 students – So we can really give proper attention to everyone.

The Course is suited for...

Any sincere yoga practitioner in search of a peaceful environment where they can focus on deepening their own practice while learning how to share yoga with others. South Goa is truly a magical place to study the art of yoga, surrounded on every side by mesmerizing, tropical Indian nature. The course mainly prepares you to teach Hatha Yoga (beginners and intermediate) and Ashtanga Vinyasa (Primary Series). We do, however, accommodate a variety of classes of Restorative Hatha Yoga (with props) and Ashtanga Vinyasa flow-based sequences.

woman smiling during yoga practice


Our centre offers healthy and delicious vegetarian yogic meals three times a day from Monday to Fridayand breakfast on Saturdays (after the morning class). Please note that we are prepared to deal with special dietary requirements such as gluten-free, vegan, allergies etc. Some of our own team also have special dietary requirements, so rest assured that we are more than experienced in this matter. Please be sure to inform us when applying for your course. Students are very welcome to try out the different local restaurants and touristic activities during their weekends off in this wonderful part of Goa!


Places and Accommodations in Goa

Students can stay in the Patnem Garden Cottages in Goa where the course is held or in the Relax Inn Guesthouse, which is right across from the resort.


Palm Tree Ayurvedic - Only 3-minutes walk to Patnem Beach

The accommodation is comfortable, beautifully taken care of and meets western standards.

cottage hut palm tree accommodation yoga training

What we offer:

  • Well-constructed & spacious cottage-huts*
  • Shelves or simple wardrobes for clothes
  • Large and fully-equipped western bathrooms with tiles, shower and toilet
  • Hot water
  • Comfortable double-beds
  • Mosquito nets
  • Fans
  • Large and pretty porches
  • Bed-linen & towels (NB: the villa does not offer any toiletries)
  • House-keeping three times a week or on request.
  • Free wi-fi
  • 24 hour on-site security

We offer 12 cottage-huts for single occupancy or for couples and 2 cottage-huts for two guests sharing each. In the latter case, the bathroom is shared and the space has two levels connected by an inner ladder.

inside cottage hut accommodation palm tree goa

*The term ‘cottage-hut’ is due to the fact that the structure goes beyond the concept of a simple beach hut. These buildings are made of wood, leaves, metal and glass with a solid concrete base and tiled floor.

a hang out area of palm tree ayurveda resort

Other services you can enjoy:

  • Laundry service at a reasonable rate
  • Ayurvedic treatments on site
  • A variety of massage treatments
  • Restaurant services (the course fee already includes 3 vegetarian meals per week day but students can also enjoy the restaurant within the campus  too, if they so desire)
a hang out area of palm tree ayurveda resort

Relax Inn Guesthouse -traditional concrete rooms just opposite to the Ayurveda Resort (3-minutes walk)

If you don’t fancy staying in cottage-huts, we can offer a comfortable alternative in a traditional guesthouse building just opposite Turiya Yoga’s teaching space. Here we can offer something to suit all tastes, a budget package and a deluxe alternative. The place is cosy, well-constructed and offers a comfortable stay for all its guests. We can offer 4 packages for standard rooms and 5 packages for deluxe rooms.

traditional accommodation alternative for yoga teacher training

What we offer:

  • Well-constructed rooms
  • Shelves or simple wardrobes for clothes
  • Fully-equipped western bathrooms with tiles, shower and toilet
  • Hot water
  • Comfortable standard size beds as well as double-beds
  • Mosquito nets
  • Fans
  • Lovely porches
  • Bed-linen & towels (no toiletries are included)
  • House-keeping three times a week or on request.
  • Free wi-fi
  • TV (for the deluxe packages only)
  • Fridge (for the deluxe packages only)
  • 24 hour on-site security

If you choose a guesthouse package you are still welcome to enjoy any service from Palm Tree Ayurveda such as ayurvedic treatments, massages, laundry etc. It will not take you more than 3 minutes to reach the yoga hall and any class from the guesthouse.


Course Fees & Packages Details

Our Yoga Teacher Training Goa Packages below already include the course fees & meals. Please note all prices are in euros €.


Palm Tree All Inclusive Packages

This location is where the course itself is held and also where the meals are served.

traditional accommodation alternative for yoga teacher training
fully equipped western bathroom palm tree
fully equipped western bathroom palm tree

Palm Tree Package - 1 double-bed and 1 bathroom

Single fee: € 1.850,00 early-bird rate / € 1.950,00 normal rate

Couple occupancy (per person): € 1.550,00 early-bird rate / € 1.650,00 normal rate

Includes course, manual, accommodation and meals.

If you wish to have an air-conditioned cottage-hut, please add € 250 to the fee.

Only 12 private cottage-huts available!


Palm Tree Shared Occupancy Package -2 double-beds, each on a different floor, and1 bathroom

Shared occupancy (per person): € 1.550,00 early bird rate / € 1.650,00 normal rate

Includes course, manual, accommodation and meals.

If you wish to have an air-conditioned cottage-hut, please add € 250 to the fee.

Only 2 shared cottage-huts available!

We apologise but no more than 2 people can share these cottage-huts.


Relax Inn Guesthouse All inclusive Packages

verandah traditional accommodation alternative

Deluxe Concrete Rooms, 3 minutes’ walk from the class space

Private accommodation fee: € 1.850,00 early bird rate / € 1.950,00 normal rate

Couple occupancy (per person): € 1.550,00 early bird rate / € 1.650,00 normal rate

Includes course, manual, accommodation and meals.

If you wish to have an air-conditioned room, please add € 250 to the fee.

Only 5 rooms available!

deluxeroom guesthouse alternative accommodation yoga teacher training
deluxe room alternative


Standard Concrete Rooms, 3 minutes’ walk from the class space

Private accommodation fee: € 1.600,00 early bird rate / € 1.700,00 normal rate

Includes course, manual, accommodation and meals.

There is no air-conditioning available in the standard package.

Only 4 rooms available!

We apologise but this package does not offer shared occupancy accommodation. 

traditional std room alternative accommodation in yoga training

Yoga Teacher Training Goa Packages Overview

Palm-Tree Private Occupancy
€ 1950 -
€ 1850 Early Bird
Palm-Tree Couple Occupancy
€ 1650 / Per Person
€ 1550 / Per Person Early Bird
Palm-Tree Shared Occupancy
€ 1650 / Per Person
€ 1550 / Per Person Early Bird
Guesthouse STD Single Occupancy
€ 1700
€ 1600 Early Bird
Guesthouse Deluxe Single Occupancy
€ 1950
€ 1850 Early Bird
Guesthouse Deluxe Couple Occupancy
€ 1650 / Per Person
€ 1550 / Per Person Early Bird
Economy Package (Tuition & Meals Only)
€ 1350
€ 1250 Early Bird

 IMPORTANT: please note all of the prices above include the full 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Course, Accommodations & Meals.


  • Early-Bird Discounts :  Early-Bird discounts are valid 2 months before the official course starting date. If Turiya Yoga receives your booking deposit (€ 400) two months before the starting date of the course, your fee will receive the 100-euro discount.  Please note, from the moment you apply online the procedure might take up to a week since we need to receive your international payment or deposit (as stated above). Spots are secured according to the date we receive the deposits into our bank.
  • If you wish to have an air-conditioned room, please add € 250 to the fee. The air-conditioner is NOT available in the standard guesthouse rooms only.

           Kindly note: Transaction fees must be covered by the students.


Your Tuitions includes

  • Accommodation during the entire course with attached toilet and hot shower.
  • Your own peaceful space within a 3 minute walk from the beach.
  • Housekeeping 3 times a week or on request.
  • Bed-linen & towels (no toiletries are supplied)
  • Three vegetarian yogic meals per day from Monday to Friday, and breakfast on Saturdays.
  • Wi-fi
  • Drinking water
  • Course manual and class hand-outs
  • The complete Yoga Teacher Training Course
  • 24 hour on-site security

As a courtesy to you, Turiya Yoga provides an airport pick-up from Goa Dabolim Airport (or from Canacona train station) direct to your chosen accommodation. If 2 or 3 students arrive at the same time the taxi will be shared. Any personal taxi expenses (apart from the one stated above) will be covered by the students themselves. Kindly note that, since it is a courtesy, we will offer no refunds of taxi fees if you take other services or arrive on your own.


Check out what they say about our main team

Our programs are designed by a wonderful team of Eastern and Western teachers united by their passion in truly ‘living yoga’ daily. All of our teachers have themselves completed Certified Yoga Teacher Trainings and studied under renowned yoga teachers and/or institutes inside and outside India. All classes are taught from the heart, with knowledge, experience and joy. Turiya Yoga also keeps their doors open to welcome inspiring yogis who join our community by giving Master Classes whenever possible.

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