Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 


Which style of yoga will I learn? Which style will I be able to teach after the course?

You will be introduced to the major yoga traditions. However, you'll experience in depth Hatha Yoga and Flow and on completion of the course, you will be able to teach Hatha Yoga (beginners and intermediate levels) and Hatha-Vinyasa. The styles are the most practiced in the west. We hold special Hatha classes with a wide variety of props for going deeper into the different categories of asana and alignments. We also offer a taste of other styles such as Yin and Restorative Yoga in our programs depending on the profile of our groups.

Please note this is not a multi-style training – it is a hatha-vinyasa training. In other words our classes are designed to firstly introduce hatha and how to integrate the flowing aspect so that one learns the postures in depth and are able to practice and share the practice without injuring others. It is known that flows can cause more injury and therefore we find it essential to structure each block of out training taking that into consideration. In the end, the student is able to teach Hatha Yoga as well as part of the process of the training. It’s wonderful that you will be able to tap into tradition and modern ways!

When I'm finished, will I be qualified to teach yoga anywhere in the world with a RYT200?
The certification from Yoga Alliance is respected throughout the World and is, nowadays, a usual requirement for anyone to teach Yoga internationally. Students that attend all classes, finish their coursework/homework and pass the assessments will receive the Yoga Alliance RYT200 international certificate and will be able to teach Hatha-flow to beginners and intermediate level students worldwide right after the course. ( NB: In honesty, at Turiya Yoga we do not like this terminology since "advanced" in yoga is a misused concept, but we need to apply it here in terms of asana and the difficulty of the physical postures.)
How many students are there in the course?
We have maximum 20 students in our courses so they can learn properly and receive full attention.
What is the content of Yoga Teacher Training Course?

In practical terms, you’ll learn:

  • You will come to know the yoga asanas (postures), benefits and contraindications. It is impossible to say that you will learn ALL the asanas since there can be hundreds or only 12 depending on the individual style of yoga practice. You will learn basic to intermediate postures and their applications. For your self-practice, if appropriate, you will also learn what some people refer to as advanced postures.
  • You will understand the fundamentals of therapeutic aspects of the yogic practice. Please note that yoga therapy is a widely debated theme and there are several contrasting views on the matter. No 200h course can truly turn yoga practitioner into a yoga therapist – one learns how to crawl, walk before, right? However, there are well known therapeutic aspects of yoga and a teacher do need to be well aware of those once prepping their classes.
  • You will come to know the fundamentals of anatomy and biomechanics, including the  skeletal and muscular, respiratory, nervous and neuromuscular connections amongst other topics. The study of movement is a pillar to our 200 hours yoga teacher training, and we spend extensive time understanding it so the students can teach yoga to different people (and bodies) safely and being able to support them by giving props, adjustment, variations and/or an alternative. That’s because what you will do after the course is mainly teach a class that is usually predominantly asana (posture) based. However, we do also focus a whole lot of more than the usual on subtle practices as those are the goal of yoga.
  • You’ll understand how to prevent common and important injuries
  • You will learn about the cultural background of yoga’s development, its demystified history and the Indian teachings presented in key yoga texts. That includes important misunderstood concepts such as: chakras, koshas, kundalini, the 4 paths of yoga,etc.  We believe it is possible to be inspiring and scientific at the same time. Some say that it takes some lifetimes to really know Yoga Humanities, but you’ll at least be able to learn the most important aspects so that you can have a map to rely on after the course, being able to choose which areas to focus on according to your own interest. We empower our students so they can continue to learn for themselves (contrary to being lost once the course is over and not being able to even know which philosophical path from the several presented in yoga they truly relate to). Trust us, that is very important for one’s journey J
  • You will experience for yourself yogic cleansing techniques (kriyas)
  • You will learn different techniques of breath-control/ breathing (pranayama) and how to teach it.
  • You will learn the fundamentals of a yogic life & yogic diet, being able to distinguish these from Ayurvedic, vegetarian and vegan diets.
  • You will experience especially designed groups dynamics to help you develop yoga teaching tools such as instruction, adjustment, demonstration, etc.You will be ableto teach and assist plenty during the course.The lead teachers are the co-founders of Turiya Yoga and are there supporting you from the moment you practice to the moment you teach and assist – you’ll have valuable feedback.
  • You will come to know how to read different students and the ethics  involved in being a yoga teacher.
  • You will learn how to sequence in steady practices and in flowing practices.
  • You will also have the opportunity to apply for Turiya Yoga’s internships: either in India or in Europe. You will have a great time experiencing teaching, assisting and learning some aspects of running a course.
  • Last but not least, you’ll keep deepening your own practice. Yes, you always need to continue your own self-practice even when you are teaching!

*Keep in mind, we welcome only 20 students so we can really give proper attention to everyone. Our lead teachers are with you in each step of the way

What is included in the course fee?
The course fee includes: the complete Yoga Teacher Training Course; a four-week stay in our accommodation (single or shared, both with attached toilet and hot shower); three vegetarian yogic meals a day from Monday to Friday; breakfast on Saturdays; the course manual; housekeeping (by request); wi-fi access; It is important to remember that though the place doesn’t provide toiletries like soap, shampoo, towel or toilet paper. You can bring these with you or buy them in the local market nearby.


It's my first time in India, will the school assist me? Can you please arrange an airport pick up for me?
We will certainly help you, don’t worry about your arrival. By request, we can schedule an airport pickup (Goa Dabolim) or train pick-up (Cancona train station) for you. The costs of those are maximum 20Euros. We will be available on the phone as well in case you have any doubts or concerns. Check out more tips about travelling in India here.
What vaccines do I need?
It’s strongly advised to be fully vaccinated against Covid-19 before going to India. Other vaccines are not specifically needed for travelling in India, but depending where you are arriving from, you may be required to have a Yellow Fever Vaccination. Check out more details about travelling to India here.
I want to get a local SIM card in India, how long will it take and what documents are required?
This is a good idea if you are travelling after the course through India, but it does take some time for the SIM to become active. According to the SIM suppliers, it can get activated in 24 hours but often even 5 days can go by until all is working properly. The procedure requires a copy of your passport and one passport size photo. Don't worry, we will help you out with this once you arrive.
Can my friend/relative join me even if she/he is not applying for the course?
It might be possible. Write us about it and we will check the availability
Is there a refrigerator in the room? Will I have access to a kitchen?
The rooms to not have a refrigerator and we’re afraid access to a kitchen is not possible. In any case, you won’t have much time for cooking and your meals are provided for on most of the days. On the days we don’t cater for you, the resort’s restaurant is still open though. You can also explore the nearby restaurants and take the opportunity to get to know a little more of what culinary delights Goa offers as well.
Can I get refund for the meals included in the fee if I am not there for some reason?
Unfortunately, these meals are not refundable simply because in the majority of cases the investment is already made before for logistical reasons.
I want to eat out on Weekends. Are there restaurants around? How much would it be?
There are a lot of options close to the beaches (5-10 minutes away) .The prices vary, but you can have a good meal for 06 to 10 Euro.


How do I apply for the course?
Just fill out the application form and you’ll receive our e-mail with full details on securing your place through payment of your booking deposit of 700 euros.
If I applied online does that mean my place on the course is secured?

Filling the application form online is the first step in the procedure. Once you do that Turiya Yoga will send you an e-mail with details on how to pay the booking deposit of 700 euros. That amount is part of the whole cost of the course. Your place is guaranteed the moment we receive your booking deposit in full.

What happens if I applied but didn't pay my booking deposit immediately?

After Turiya Yoga sent you the e-mail with details on how to deposit the booking fee of 700 euros, your online application form is only held for 7 days.. We can only welcome a certain number of students each course, and if you pay your deposit first, your place is guaranteed first - that is our simple rule.

If I'm unable to attend the training then will I get a refund?

The booking fee deposit of 700 euros is non-refundable.  Remember, when you book with us we are then holding a seat for you and we only welcome a certain number of people on each course. The course is held in India so people naturally organise their schedules quite early with tickets and travel arrangements. For those reasons, when you decide not to attend the course, it still does not allow another person to take your place due to time constraints. However, if you do inform us at least 2 months before the starting date of your course we might be able to welcome you on another date or season!

What if Turiya Yoga postpones the course or cancels it?
We have rarely canceled a course in Goa. If the course is cancelled or postponed for any reason beyond Turiya Yoga's control, we will give you a 100% refund of the amount you paid to us. You would also be able to attend another course with us in the future with special discounts.