Turiya Yoga and Core Philosophy

Our Story

Turiya yoga Founders My name is Akash and I've been practicing yogic techniques since my early teenage years in the holy city of Varanasi. Before becoming a yoga teacher and trainer I enjoyed a long career as a musician from the age of 15. This path led me to play with recognised artists all over Europe and Asia until the age of 26 This was the moment I decided to let everything go. I couldn't really make peace with the competitive environment of the music business nor the way people treated each other. For 6 months I withdrew from any business activities or concerts and decided instead to go to the Himalayas in India and practice yoga. My plan was to practice yoga intensively and simply appreciate the view of the indian mountains and my home-cooking for almost half a year. This was when I became a yoga teacher in two ways.

Firstly I became a yoga teacher in my heart, simply because it led me to re-discover joy in my daily life. Secondly I became a yoga teacher to others because soon I discovered that sharing yoga was what actually made the most sense in my life. I took a couple of yoga teacher trainings in India and practiced under renowned Iyengar teachers, Ashtanga Vinyasa teachers and in different yoga institutes in India. As a result, I feel I've cultivated a completely different way of being and of sharing life with others. My journey as a trainer in yoga teacher training's in India started 4 years ago. Students seem to love the energy of my classes and I love how my energy keeps being beautifully transformed by this meaningful exchange! Being half- Indian and half-German I'm rooted in both worlds, East meeting West, which helps me to guide students to study yoga combining the Indian way with Western clarity. In our yoga school, Turiya Yoga, we guide international students along their own path of yoga, to the wisdom of Mother India herself.

Turiya Yoga Academy

It wasn't long before I met Suzana, a Brazilian backpacker who had also taken a years yoga teacher training in a well-known institute associated with the traditional Kaivalyadhama. Together we took some time to travel India, Germany, Thailand and Brazil, giving small and affordable yoga classes while also deepening our own practice at different Iyengar and Vinyasa Flow trainings. It was during this trip that our dream of creating an international yoga school in Goa was born. In our travels, Suzana and I had realised how common it was to come across poorly trained yoga teachers. Both of us had had the experience of teaching yoga teacher trainings at other schools while feeling that the program, methodology and team could easily be improved. We realised we wanted to help students to become more confident and less frustrated as new yoga teachers.

Suzana had already studied and practiced yoga intensively before her travels in India. She had realised that more often than not, the Wests scientific view was completely set aside in yoga teacher trainings in India and yoga schools. In our perspective this was a big loss for the students there who expected to become international yoga teachers, later teaching in the West itself. Suzana had grown up in a family which combined an interesting variety of spiritual practices along with some intellectual perspectives on the human psyche: Japanese Zen, Christian Mysticism, Jungian Psychology, Hypnotherapy and African-derived spiritual expressions. It was in her second yoga class, however, that one thought really struck her forever: it is really possible to be happy! She was already deeply into psychology and Indian philosophy when she finished her yoga teacher training in Hatha yoga and, not so long after this, she flew to India. Her meeting with India and our own meeting was truly life changing for both of us. Turiya Yoga was therefore born as a mixture of many elements of ourselves, two passionate yoga teachers.

We are here, from the heart, for all the right reasons. Turiya Yoga was created in our hearts as a response to a world where a Yoga Teacher Training is extensively treated as only business while the practice of yoga itself keeps falling into the category of merely fitness or just health. For those reasons we have put together a team of warm-hearted and experienced teachers, from India and the West to offer Yoga Teacher Trainings in India, Goa. We are all partners in yoga and in life. We firmly believe in constructing a safe environment for truthful learning and truthful exchange through high-quality teachings and well-designed courses that support people from all over the world into taking their first steps as original and confident international yoga teachers. We are grateful to be a community of really passionate yoga teachers, each with between 4 to 8 years experience in providing either Yoga Teacher Training in India or teaching in-depth Yoga Workshops in the West. Our mission is to share far and wide a lifestyle we wholeheartedly believe in.

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Our Mission, Our Vision

Turiya Yoga is an internaional school that specializes in yoga teacher training in India. The school exists to share a lifestyle that brings happiness to whoever wishes to be a part of it. For us, our mission is simple: to unite people who have their hearts set upon teaching, learning and experiencing this ancient skill of self-knowledge, on and off the mat. We are a platform of connections, bringing together skilled and truthful teachers, practitioners, students and companies that are or wish to be guided by this beautiful philosophy.

Our Philosophy

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Of course we could not differ our philosophy as a yoga school from our philosophy in life. In one of the great scriptures of yoga, the Patanjali Yoga Sutras, our attitude towards others and the world around us is to be guided through what is called the Yamas: 

  • Non-violence and Truthfulness. For us as a team this is about being honest and safe in what (and how) we share and offer you as well as what we know and teach. We also offer transparency about where else (or with who else) you can keep learning and growing on your own after the course. We happily encourage you to spread your own wings!
  • Non-stealing. This is about the importance of your own time and how we pledge never to steal it from you by not offering our best. We honour the time you spend with us and the big investment in yourself that you are making so all the courses, classes and activities are planned in the best possible way for you to maximise your experience with us.
  • Bramacharya.Though some people connect it only to celibacy, a wise teacher once told us that Brahmacharya is really about doing everything with your heart fully engaged. In this way everything you do becomes an offer to your true self, the Universe or God - whichever name you prefer! For us, it is the essence of our work, our goal every moment.
  • Non-possessiveness. For us, this means that we are not being guided by greed. Money, wealth and comfort are welcome in life, however, our policy is not to have them as the guiding star of our school.

Customer Testimonails
Suzana and Manu are amazing. I love them! They create an atmosphere for us where we can really develop our potential. It wasn't just about teaching us facts and books, but also about a lifestyle.
Customer Testimonails
I just wanted to be able to teach yoga. What I really got was so much more! Turiya Yoga has far exceeded my expectations. The owners are warm, kind and beautiful people who helped me develop physically, emotionally and spiritually.
Customer Testimonails
What I really appreciate about this yoga teacher training is the high professional standard. I don't think there are so many yoga academy in the world where you can find so much love, balance and knowledge. It is really amazing, I highly recommend this training!
Customer Testimonails
I really like the way Suzana introduces the poses so we get the alignment right! I think that really makes a difference ! I also really enjoyed the quotes in the end of the classes, when everyone was with their hearts opened …
Customer Testimonails
Manu’s classes were amazing! He brought an incredible happy energy to the room , he was really knowledgeable and I felt really comfortable and safe! I felt like I could ask him anything and I got a really good response and overall I loved his classes and I think he is great!


Any questions?

A yoga teacher training is also a matter of trust. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us. A yoga teacher training is a matter of trust! We advise and help you on every step you take.

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