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How to reach us

Just fill out the form below and drop us an email to info@turiyayoga.com . If you have more detailed questions about our Yoga teacher training in India, you are welcome to address the e-mail to one of the people below according to the subject. Just scroll down and check who can answer you best. We aim to reply within 1 to 2 working days. If that is not fast enough, please give us a call.






Where we are

Turiya Yoga

Patnam Beach Rd., Patnam
Canacona, South Goa, India


Who should I talk to if the website and/or Turiya Yoga’s secretary didn’t give me enough information?


Suzana Altero

The Program, the Methodology & the Place

Suzana AlteroSuzana is the program co-ordinator and will be with you throughout the month. She can help you out with any details about the course’s content and how the classes are organised as well as the teachers themselves. If you want to know how the yoga practice itself and the different yoga styles are addressed in the schedule or more details on the general teaching methodology of Turiya Yoga, she is the one who can answer your queries. Suzana and Akash can both help you out with knowing more about our yoga centre and the accommodation on offer as well.

What else is she in charge of?

Suzana teaches Traditional Hatha Yoga, Modern Hatha Yoga as well as philosophy classes and teaching methodology sessions. Though she teaches those subjects herself, Turiya Yoga also invites special teachers to join us on specific topics of those disciplines. After all, we enjoy being part of a platform of great teachers as well as specialists on certain topics of our disciplines

Manu Akash

Traveling, Payments & the Place

Suzana Altero Akash will help you out with anything you need to know about India and logistics: how to travel, when to travel, payments etc. If our traveling in india section is not enough to put you at ease, be sure to know you can ask him about travelling, cultural doubts, tips and suggestions on how to arrive and much more. If you are keen to continue your travels around India after our month together, you can also talk to him during the course.  Moreover, if you need to know more about payments, changing currency, how to travel with money, details about our yoga centre and accommodation - those more practical issues – he is also the one to talk to.


What else is he in charge of?

Akash teaches Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga, special techniques and adjustment classes. Though those are his main subjects, Akash as one of the lead teachers oversees the entire course and the students’ development. Turiya Yoga also invites special teachers to share their knowledge with us on specific topics of those disciplines!