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Check out what the students say about our classes in the 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training Course. Don't mind the repeated faces, each testimonial is about one of our lead teachers. Click on the image bellow to watch it and enjoy!


Life-Changing Experience: Yoga Teacher Training TESTIMONIALS
Yoga Teacher Training TESTIMONIALS - Teachers, Standard, Experience

"I always felt that Suzana’s classes were warm and inviting yet pushed me to think about the asana rather that just doing…She is definitely knows her asana inside and out and the energy in the room was always very calm… I feel very fortunate to have studied with Suzana. I am most inspired by her gentle nature, I know I struggle with that… She’s strong and soft at the same time, and for me it’s such complementary qualities that I hope to embody those as well."

Hope Willis, USA


"Manu’s classes were amazing! He brought an incredible happy energy to the room , he was really knowledgeable and I felt really comfortable and safe! I felt like I could ask him anything and I good a really good response and overall I loved his classes and I think he is great!"

Vasia Vogias, Australia


"Suzana really has such a soft and subtleness in her that evokes in the class right away…There is that trace of discipline with that softness. One of our colleagues pass along this nice quote “Nothing is as strong as gentleness and nothing is as gentle as real strength” and she encompasses that.. She is soo well versed in Yoga and in Philosophy."

Mel Chor, Canada


"Suzana as a teacher was always approachable and always open to questions and critiques. I always felt just comfortable and supported…. She was very intuitive emotional also and personally could tell when I was a little off and would check on me every now and then and I appreciate that!"

Anya Ismail, USA


"His classes taught me endurance and patience ! He was always very helpful and offered different ways to make more sense of the asanas and movements using tools like blocks, belts and allowing us to ease our ways into certain postures.. His compassion or his patience is something I would love to bring to my classes, to my students."

Michael Zamora, USA


"I really like the way Suzana introduces the poses so we get the alignment right! I think that really makes a difference in how we are making the poses! I also really enjoyed the quotes in the end of the classes, when everyone was with their hearts opened … They felt really enriching for us."

Maria del Mar Garza, Colombia


"Manu’s teaching is very accessible to beginners and advanced students. I’ve being practicing Ashtanga for quite a while and I felt he worked with what I already knew and brought out the better of me! Manu showed me there are different ways of teaching in Ashtanga and the one thing that really stood out for me also was the savasana and meditations, some of them really went really deep for me… Here I was thinking I was gonna do an Ashtanga class and I’m doing. some spiritual development too."

Jonathan Young, USA


"I wasn’t sure about Ashtanga… But he really gave me a new perspective and made it accessible for me…and enjoyable which I didn’t know it could be! He also gave a spiritual aspect to it, which I never had experienced in an ashtanga class… Such a spiritual tilt to it… Integrating body, breath, soul, spirit… For me, he was accessible as a teacher and made it accessible for all. I’ve been to many ashtanga classes where it really didn’t feel that way. It was a lovely environment and he had certainly a humbleness while sharing his experience."

Anya Ismail, USA